"He doesn't eat anything with a face on it." Danny and Dani invisibly flew towards the Grand Central Station where they see four of the Harvesters, as well as alternate Ember and alternate Skulker pursuing Dayla and Andrew. No Archive Warnings Apply, Major Character Death, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (17), Danny Fenton & Danielle "Dani" Phantom (69), Danny Fenton & Tucker Foley & Sam Manson (9), Not Phantom Planet Compliant (Danny Phantom) (5), Danielle "Dani" Phantom & Sidney Poindexter, Alternate Universe - Harry Potter Setting, the Phantom family gave me a lot of feelings, and the Fluff Children on discord made it worse (better), this was just an excuse to write about Mom Danny, Danny Fenton/Jack Frost (Guardians of Childhood), Jamie Bennett (ROTG) & Danny Fenton & Jack Frost (Guardians of Childhood) & Danielle "Dani" Phantom, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Danny Fenton & Jack Fenton & Maddie Fenton, Tim Drake & Dick Grayson & Jason Todd & Bruce Wayne & Damian Wayne, Maddie and Jack Fenton aren't good parents, Danny Fenton & Jack Frost & Danielle "Dani" Phantom & Jamie Bennett, Not Phantom Planet Compliant (Danny Phantom), because i can't write angst even in a dissection fic, Danny Fenton & Original Female Character(s), Original Fenton Character(s) (Danny Phantom), People think that Danny and Vlad did something gross. Walk forward." Dani immediately realized that it was the trail the Lunch Lady left behind when she was in her meat monster form. "Ultra-Recyclo Vegetarians are always ready to protest!" He mumbled bitterly as he stormed away. Before Danielle dies she calls Danny 'Daddy'. :), It's been 6 years since Hertha's defeat. Danny then activate his thermos and suck in all the ectoplasmic goo. She asked her meat-loving friend rhetorically as she pointed her thumb at herself and then pointed at Tina. But sometimes his ideas almost always turn out more bad than good at times. "What do we want?!" Dani then blasted all four Harvesters, giving Danny the opportunity to activate one of his Fenton Glove vibranium Fenton Thermoses and capture the four Harvester ghosts. "Thanks for the thermos!" Bye!"

But once she stepped foot in town, she was surrounded. a Harvester said telepathically. No, porterhouse!

Danny said. Their relationship was impossibly complicated, bordering between being mortal enemies and best of allies. Mrs. Fenton said as she handed the goth boy, Sam, the thermos before she turned back to the counter. Kayla said.

She looked down at herself and realized it before she turned visible again. "You kids, look at you! Mrs. Fenton said suspiciously as she narrowed her eyes. "...or not, maybe it'll be worse." Now with that being said, before I reply to the reviews, a quick reminder that this story is a collab with Mikaela2015's Phantom Twins series and this chapter officially stars the collab, so be sure to check out mikaela2015's story from her character's perspective which is called The Phantom Twins: Return to the Second Dimension.

Andrew said as he aims his blaster. "Yeah, he did."

He had to be civil, since he was Fenton at the moment and his parents were around, but he sure as hell wouldn’t be dropping his guard anytime soon. "I don't know but it's best if Dayla and I head back to our dorms and get a few things and get tickets for the next train to Amity Park." Sam was standing on top of a school bus while he yelled into a microphone while carrying a sign that read 'NOW!'.

Romance Danny Phantom Earths Savior Danny Sam Dan Dani This was my first Dp fanfic by itself that I've written but im actually pretty good at it now im more comfortable with crossovers any way post PP Danny and Sam are happily together. She's a enemy!" This is why you need meat! The girls both peeked through the corner of stacked boxes and saw the Lunch Lady hovering in front Sam, whose body was trapped in a pile of meat from neck to feet. She said to her husband. The meat monsters looked surprised by this at first before they turned furious and then they all dove after her. She asked in confusion as she glanced to her friends, who were standing next to her while they watched over her. Kayla greeted as she pounds her fist on her chest before pointing her sword towards the sky. Tina shouted in the microphone. "Wasn't expecting that." Dani shouted as she phased between her family until she was out of sight while they all watched. "It occurred to Danny as he trudged through the snow, blood crystallising in a trail behind him, that he really ought to have seen this coming.". The green flames fired out of the ovens while Sam and Tina jumped out of the way, and Dani dodged the flames in time. WHY CAN'T THEY ACCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM?!". Tina sniffed the air and began to perspire with anticipation. Did not think he was THAT MUCH of a creep?? Danny looks at the group with a stern look on his face and ready to fight. One Harvester shot a ecto-blast, knocking her sword down. Danny flew through the roof of the Grand Central Station before landing on a platform. If James is a ghost, why isn't he phased through the net?" Mrs. Fenton said as she handed the goth boy, Sam, the thermos before she turned back to the counter.

Although, he does look a bit stronger than the other dipstick.' Tina and Dani both watched with worried looks on their faces. The Lunch Lady looked surprised, but couldn't stop herself when her meat monster form splattered into a pile all against the wall, leaving her out of commission for the moment. "I've dreamed of it, but I'd never thought I'd live to see it!". He said before he levitated straight towards the ceiling and phased right through it, out of sight. The meat products then began to attach themselves onto the Lunch Lady's body until they completely covered her and only her mean green eyes could be seen. "~You were wrong, ghosts exist!~ Haha! Your skin and BONES!" His secret is that he's a half Vampire, looking for a way to be all human again.

I...didn't mean to do that.". "Whatever you say, Daph...whatever you say." The woman held up a thermos-like device before an octopus flew behind her. It's a long story when we were dealing with Hertha. Danny and Dani glowed their fists and pointed them at alternate Ember and alternate Skulker, cornering them. As Dani asked herself before, that day could get a lot more worse. ", His mother only remained silent until she suddenly pulled out the Fenton Thermos and aimed it at her son.

"Danielle Fenton: thirty-four dropped beakers in the last month, banned for life from handling all fragile school property, but no severe mischief before today. Tina said quietly when she noticed how the ghost looked so innocent and peaceful looking. Post-Frosted Shadows. Danny and Dani then attacked alternate Ember and alternate Skulker as Dayla and Andrew watch in shock and amazement. Haven: A place of safety and refuge; home. Or, an alternative branch off to the episode Kindred Spirits. "Please work." I'm not gonna sit around while I watch you and my siblings cause more genocide and destroy more worlds and their Ghost Zone dimensional planes." "Today's lunch is meatloaf, but I don't see the meatloaf. The orange-haired boy said as he closed his book. She phased through the ceiling while the three stoves began to emit green fire. The ground began to shake violently until all of the lights in the hallway short-circuited, making the friends flinch from the electrical shortages. She then immediately ceased her screaming like nothing has happened when she smiled. As soon as the train passed, one of the Harvesters screeched and shot an ecto-blast at Danny, but Danny merely caught the blast and held it in his hand effortlessly, shocking Dayla, Andrew, alternate Ember and alternate Skulker.

Up at the food counter, a student walked away sadly with his vegetarian meal before the lunch man eyeball glanced to make sure if anyone was looking.

Sam and Tina quickly grabbed each of her arms and they both lifted her out of the floor before her legs became solid again. She asked her daughter. He didn’t find any of that nearly as important as the fact that his friends kept saying his parents nearly killed him while his classmates kept saying they had done it. Dani didn't actually notice that she was sinking through the floor while her friends stood there and watched in silence. Queen Camila will continue what her Majesty Queen Hertha started and harvest that worthless planet Earth. If somebody catches me, I'll go from geek to freak around here." Back with the Fentons, Jackie and Matt stared at James, who was still glaring irritatedly at them with his arms crossed. They dangled her upside down as she shouted with a trembling yell. "Today's lunch is meatloaf, but I don't see the meatloaf. Sam finished as he glared at Tina with just as much determination in his face. "Kind of like what you're doing now?"

At least my kind doesn't exist here. He exclaimed angrily after Tina before he slammed the door shut. Dani said. "So whose side are you on?!" Dani scowled at the portal before it powered off, until she glanced with a gaping look and she quickly jumped out of the way before her mother noticed. Dani, two words: meat connoisseur." She automatically reverted back to her human form, making Tina and Sam glance at each other. I'll head towards a platform and wait for a subway train to pass while hiding in the shadows.

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