.”, “I know you love the feeling of smooth teeth and fresh breath . Has selective polishing come to be just asking your patients to select what flavor of polish they would like you to use? So next time, think twice before offering that delicious grape flavored coarse paste to the lady with light stain and recession. Instead, explain the benefits of that mild mint desensitizing polish that will help with her hypersensitivity. Each patient should be . • Recession with tooth sensitivity.• Demineralizedareas or thin enamel as in amelogenesis imperfecta. As we educate our patients they feel that we care about them. She founded StudentRDH and SmarterDA, which offer dental hygiene and dental assisting exam prep courses. Dental hygienists should have a variety of pastes in their armamentarium to accommodate the different tooth surfaces when polishing (Wilkins EW, 2009). This article originally appeared in Dental Assisting & Office Manager Digest. Trish Jones RDH, BSDH shared some valuable information in her article, Selective Polishing: An Approach to Comprehensive Polishing. The online platform delivers content of the highest quality through the latest e-learning technology. But world-wide, many dental hygiene schools now recommend selective polishing as standard protocol instead of including polishing at every professional maintenance appointment. As much as patients may love to have their teeth polished, beware that there are rules to follow (if you’re wanting to be an amazing dental assistant). . In addition, keep in mind that other products used during the polishing procedure may indeed help remineralise tooth surfaces and alleviate sensitivity. New products may change concepts about selective polishing and the jury is still out. It gives the patient the “clean and sparkly” feeling and concludes many dental appointments. Many dental professionals now consider polishing to be primarily a cosmetic procedure. • Enhance fluoride absorption and discourage the buildup of new deposits. COVID-19: How has it affected dental assistants? Patient educationAs dental professionals, we need to begin re-educating our patients on healthy procedures. prophy angle. d. Coronal polishing is not recommended for a patient with tuberculosis because the aerosol from the handpiece may spread the bacteria. .”, “Because I noticed this about your smile, I am implementing a procedure and have chosen a product just for you that will ...”. With selective polishing, to continue with the example of the decalcified tooth, you can work on the other teeth and skip the ones with decalcification, or you can polish the teeth that have only visible extrinsic stain. The rising risk of PPE-associated oral disease among health-care workers. “As the dental health-care provider, it is important to let the patient know the thought process behind selective polishing prior to performing the procedure.

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